My Password Guru is a password generating service and one of a series of SAAS (Software As A Service) sites that focuses on your privacy. We use a cookie only to save your picked options for generating passwords so you don't have to reset them every visit. We do not collect ANY identifying information on our users. For analytics we use GoatCounter, an open-source analytic tool that respects you privacy and does not track you.

What is a Password Generator?
A password generator is a software tool that creates random or customized passwords for users. It helps users create stronger passwords that provide greater security for a given type of access.

What are the benefits of using a random password generator?
Using random password generators is a great way to ensure that users are creating strong passwords. They can be used for any type of account, including your personal email or social media accounts, as well as the random passwords you create for new applications and websites. Using random password generator software helps you make sure that everyone who has created an account on your site is using a random and secure password that they will never forget.

Also, random passwords do not contain real words or easily guessable patterns such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. which hackers can use to break the system and steal your identity. They also make it difficult for someone to guess your password if they have access to your account.